Weigh Bridges

WB 01
WB 02


The Electronic Static Weigh-bridge is made up of a framework of girders adequately reinforced with transverse beams and suitable non-slip top deck with Pit less & Pit type Structure. The entire steel framework is mounted on strain gauge double ended shear beam / Compression Type Load Cells (4, 6, & 8 No's. Load Cells), depending on length of the platform. The shear stress produced by the load is detected by a strain gauge, full bridge circuit and converted into an analog electrical signal. Signal from each loadcell is fed to Junction Box. Output from Junction Box is fed to microprocessor based weighbridge Microprocessor based weighbridge Intelligent Terminal. The processing electronics of terminal digitizers the signal from the Junction-box using an ADC, based on time proven quad slope integration technique and weight is registered on LED display.

Platform Size
mm x mm
AIR 03T 10 Tons 5 KG
AIR 06T 20 Tons 5 KG
AIR 10T 40 Tons 5 KG
AIR 20T 40 Tons 5 KG 6 m x 3 m
AIR 30T 40 Tons 5 KG 7.5 m x 3 m
AIR 40T 50 Tons 10 KG 7.5 m x 3 m
AIR 40T 50 Tons 10 KG 9 m x 3 m
AIR 40T 60 Tons 10 KG 12 m x 3 m
AIR 50T 60 Tons 10 KG 9 m x 3 m
AIR 50T 60 Tons 10 KG 15 m x 3 m